Recycling Etiquette



Roots Recycling is a membership organization and membership is required to recycle.

No sorting is required with the exception of glass.  Please make sure that all glass is placed into the GREEN reusable bag and that there is no glass in your orange or white bag.  We ask this of you because we sort all materials by hand.

The curbside and curbside plus memberships come with ONE orange mixed material bag and ONE green glass bag.  Extra material will only be accepted in Roots Recycling’s orange, white, or green reusable recycling bags.  We DO NOT accept material in trash bags due to high contamination (unless arranged prior to pick-up with office).  If you find the single orange bag isn’t enough, additional bags may be added to your membership for $3 per bag per month.

Curbside members, small amounts of broken down cardboard may be placed on the side of your bag for your driver to pick up.  Please prepare your cardboard by binding it with string or stuffing it into a larger box. If you have a lot of cardboard, please call the office to schedule a special pick-up or arrange a time you can drop-off your cardboard at the facility.

The green glass bag should only be placed out for pick-up when it is full.  If it is not full, it won't be picked up.  If you have physical limitations that restrict you from being able to pick up a full glass bag and place it out for pick-up, please call the office and special arrangements can be made. 

Missed Pick-Ups

Please be advised missed pick-ups may occur due to truck issues or weather conditions that prevent us from completing the scheduled route.

If you did not get a pick-up on your regular scheduled day, please leave your bag out the following day for pick-ups.  If you do not receive a pick-up after the next day, please call us at 719-542-6327.