Roots Recycling accepts clean recyclables only.  No liquid or food residue. 


Remove ALL food and drink.  Item is not recyclable if item is covered in food or liquid residue.





  • #1 - #7 Hard Plastic Containers
    • Water Bottles
    • Soda Bottles
    • Milk Jugs
    • Detergent Bottles
    • Plastic Pipe - ONLY if cut into less than 3 ft. sections.
    • Medicine Bottles
    • Vitamin Bottles


  • Plastic Bags - this includes produce bags, trash bags, bubble wrap, cereal box plastic bags, potato chip bags, candy wrappers, ziplock bags, shopping bags of any kind, plastic film, single cheese wrappers, popsicle wrappers, plastic wrapping of any kind, saran wrap, 6-pack plastic rings
  • Styrofoam
  • Styrofoam Peanuts
  • Styrofoam Take-Out Containers
  • Plastic Plates
  • Plastic SOLO Cups
  • Styrofoam Cups
  • Spitter Bottles

The number on the bottom of a plastic container identifies only the type of plastic resin, it does not indicate how the product was made.  Different manufacturing processes give plastics different melting points and other often unpredictable properties.  The number does not dictate whether the plastic is recyclable - your community recycling center guidelines do.  WE Recycle can accept all #1 - #7 HARD plastics.  WE Recycle DOES NOT accept plastic bags or styrofoam EVEN if there is a number on the container/bag.

 What are #1 - #7 hard plastics?

  • #1 PE: Soda bottles, oven-ready meal trays, and water bottles. 
  • #2 HDPE: Milk bottles, detergent bottles, and spray bottles.
  • #3 PVC: Loose-leaf binders and plastic pipes.
  • #4 LDPE**: Squeezable bottles
  • #5 PP: Medicine bottles, drinking straws, and food containers (ketchup bottles, sour cream/butter/hummus tubs).
  • #6 PS: Compact disc jackets and plastic tableware.
  • #7 Other: Reusable water bottles, certain kinds of food containers, and Tupperware.